Sunday cooking: the 9/18/2011 edition

Quick rundown of today’s cooking adventures …

For meals that we’ll eat during week, J. threw together an easy black-eyed pea and corn salad (the recipe’s on the back of the bag of frozen black-eyed peas), and he made the tasty chicken and parsnip dish that I mentioned yesterday. I made a pasta dish with sautéed mushrooms from The New Best Recipe; I haven’t tried it before, so hopefully we’ll like the results.

good recipes via multiple media

For lunch I made a quick, vegan meal that mixed local and prepared foods: Gardein Seven-Grain Crispy Tenders with Organicville Original BBQ Sauce for dipping; steamed broccoli; and a salad made with mixed greens, Maggie’s sprout mix from Troy Community Farm (thanks to our friend V. for turning us onto this!), and farmers’ market ground cherries. I’m happy to report that the ground cherries were really tasty as a salad add-on. For dinner we had roasted cauliflower, mashed blue potatoes (which turn a lovely shade of purple in mashed form), Willow Creek pork chops, and a sliced tomato on the side. Yummy.

Today’s picture illustrates a difference in approach between me and J. Although we both look for tasty recipes wherever we can find them, he prefers to hunt for new recipes online (at places like Epicurious and Allrecipes) since it’s easy to find, save, and retrieve them, but I tend to like old-school, printed cookbooks. Our fifth anniversary is later this week, and since wood is the traditional 5 year anniversary gift, J. got us this very nice cookbook holder even though we don’t normally exchange gifts. It served me incredibly well while I made the mushroom dish today! (The iPad shows the chicken and parsnip recipe.)



  1. zazzman

    I’m eating the Chicken & Parsnips meal as I type this and it tastes great. It always reminds me of how simple, easy foods have the ability to taste great. I should say that although it was relatively easy, frying chicken in an open pan on the stovetop creates the need to mop up afterward. We should really consider getting a splatter guard:

    I also have to say that the cookbook holder was good until we both needed to access recipes on different pages at the same time. I was making Purple Mashed Potatoes and TCO was making the pork chops mentioned above. Yes, I need to use analog every once in a while! 😉

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