Locavorism as necessity

Hydnum umbilicatum (hedgehog mushroom)

Image by Flickr user emitya, used under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 2.0)

Eating healthful, local produce can seem like something privileged folks do, and for good reason. Compared to products made with heavily subsidized corn and soy, or cheap-labor produce picked at the behest of far-off corporations, local veggies, fruits, and animal products can come with a higher price tag that can be hard to manage for folks who are struggling economically. Felisa Rogers had that opinion, until her finances got so tight that foraging the countryside around Seattle became a way to feed herself and her husband. Check out her story at Salon.


One comment

  1. zazzman

    Great story! Thanks for the link. Something tells me I won’t be rummaging through our woods for shrooms too soon. It was an inspiring story that shows people can make changes in their eating habits even if they aren’t as extreme as hers.

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