Trader Joe’s week, day 2: Frozen burritos

yummier than you might think!

Interviewer: Do mass-produced, frozen burritos make for a gourmet meal?

Me: Um, not really …

Interviewer: Well, are they at least made with local, fresh produce?

Me: What part of “mass-produced” and “frozen” did you not understand in your own stupid, initial question?

Interviewer [with a tone that suggests the viewing of too many TV legal dramas]: Then why would you eat these abominations, you so-called “conscientious” omnivore?!

Me: What’s with all the attitude? I never said I was a food saint.

Sometimes quick, easy, and cheap is what’s called for, and it’s possible to eat such a meal that is mostly healthful. J saw these frozen burritos in Trader Joe’s awhile back and wanted to try them. Turns out that they are pretty darn great. They’re a bargain (only $2.69 for the two-pack); very filling (both burritos eaten together makes a substantial meal); and vegan and organic, with an ingredient list that’s written in English without mysterious additives. The one major dietary drawback is that, like most food items of this sort, they are high in sodium (680 mg or 28% of your RDA per serving, which means double that if you eat both burritos in a sitting).

In our experience, the suggested cooking times seem to be set for an underpowered microwave, so reducing the listed times a bit is wise. After they are heated, J likes to put a little salsa over the top for extra flavor, and I agree that this is the ideal way to eat them. While we won’t likely be serving them to dinner guests, I don’t see them coming off our regular grocery list anytime soon.



  1. globshim

    Kind of ironic that probably not too many years ago frozen food was the stuff that you harvested and then stashed away for winter, and now it has become the lazy food that is surely bad for you.

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