Trader Joe’s week, day 5: Best of the rest

I thought I’d round out Trader Joe’s week by highlighting some of our other favorite items. Pictured, from left to right, we have…

– Organic Marinara Sauce, No Salt Added: This is good stuff, and unlike most jarred spaghetti sauces, it is crazy low in sodium (25 mg). Neither J nor I miss all the salt.

– Organic Granny’s Apple Granola Cereal: We pretty much eat this every day for breakfast, so we buy half a dozen boxes at a time. Because of that, J calls it our dog food, wishing it would come in a giant 25-pound bag.

– Organic Baked Beans: Quick, easy, vegan side dish. (I’ve started un-vegan-ing this by added a little leftover, local, pasture-raised bacon fat from the fridge. Yum.)

– Organic Tomatillo Roasted Yellow Chili Salsa: The newest addition to our TJ’s shopping list. Less chunky than your typical jarred salsa, but tasty nonetheless and great over TJ’s frozen burritos.

– Organic Quinoa: I’ve been using this to make a nice curried quinoa, craisin, and walnut salad.

Two last items, not pictured…

– Organic Thompson Raisins: I usually try to buy these in bulk at the Willy Street Coop or Whole Foods, but if J is low (he’s the one who eats them) and we’re at Trader Joe’s, we pick ’em up there.

– Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels: These are one of our guilty pleasures. I love them and can scarf down a whole bunch in one sitting, which is why we don’t buy them all the time. The no-salt version of these are horrible in our opinion, so we stick with the salted ones.

And with that, we bid Trader Joe’s week a fond farewell!


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