Chicken skin: mmm, mmm, good

Roast chicken

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Thanks to a friend of the blog (shout out to Paula!), I discovered this piece in the New York Times last week about the rise in the popularity of chicken skin among chefs. Also enjoyable is a companion piece on the NYT’s photography blog, about the creation of the seductive chicken “centerfold” shot that accompanies the article.

Most of the chicken recipes in our house call for cooking with the skin on, not surprisingly since that’s where the fat and thus much of the flavor is, after all. At J’s request after a recent messy pan-frying experience, we invested in a splatter guard. We’ve yet to break it in, but I think we’ll all be a little happier, and the kitchen a bit less greasy, because of it.

But wait, isn’t chicken skin unhealthy? I probably wouldn’t eat it everyday, but even the folks at Cooking Light have said it’s not as bad as it’s been made out to be. For more info, check out this story.



  1. Paula

    Yum! I made a recipe recently that called for skin-on, boneless chicken breasts. I found them at Whole Foods, but I don’t think that’s a presentation that’s widely available. Do you have the nerve to de-bone uncooked chicken?

    • Todd Ingram

      We usually make recipes that don’t call for boneless, which means we end up de-boning as the eater, rather than the cooker. That’s fine by me, since there’s usually more than enough to do as chef that I don’t mind postponing some that work till mealtime. I haven’t tried to de-bone uncooked chicken yet, but I imagine it might be easier in some ways than carving up a cooked one, since at least then you aren’t burning your fingers on hot meat!

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