Sunday cooking: Granola!

For this week’s meals, we mostly made quick and easy stuff that we’ve made before, so nothing too exciting to report, with one exception. I decided earlier in the week to try making granola for the first time. I read a bunch of different recipes online, but many of them seemed like they had a lot of fat (in the form of oil or butter) and/or a lot of sugar. In the end, I decided for our first attempt to go with a recipe from Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook. Given the quantity of oats (4½ cups) and other ingredients involved, the amount of oil seemed quite reasonable (½ cup of canola), though the sugar content seemed a bit high (1 cup of brown sugar, plus ¼ cup maple syrup). In the end, though, I decided to just make it exactly as the recipe outlined, see how things turned out, and adjust the amounts of various components the next time if needed. The rest of the ingredients are nicely complimentary: pecans, shelled pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and a bit of dried orange peel. A little taste test of the result suggests it turned out great! And it was so darn easy to make. Whisk the oil, syrup, and some water together; pour it over the dry ingredients (except for the craisins, which don’t go in the oven); and bake on a rimmed cookie sheet until the oats are golden brown, stirring a few times while baking. Ours was done in just 45 minutes. I’ll be curious to see how long this batch lasts us, since both J and I will eat it every morning. I’m definitely looking forward to breakfast tomorrow, and to trying other recipes, too. Once we find a few that we like and get some containers for storing the finished product, my plan is make a double batch whenever we make granola to be the most efficient and keep us well stocked.


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