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Reduced meat intake can benefit your health, your wallet, and the environment. For folks who consider reducing the amount of meat they eat, a few strategies are out there for giving it a try without going whole hog, so to speak. One is Meatless Monday, which is exactly what it sounds like, i.e., skipping meat one day a week. Another bigger step is the approach of New York Times writer, Mark Bittman, which is to be vegan before dinnertime. For breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the day, Bittman doesn’t eat any meat or animal products, but come 6 o’clock, he eats whatever decadent thing he’s in the mood for. Thinking about cutting back on meat, but those changes are a bit too big? How about eating vegetarian just one lunch per week? Or maybe once a month on “taco Tuesday,”  have a bean burrito on instead of chicken or steak?


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  1. zazzman

    I’m the meat eater in our family and even I need a break sometimes. Whether you call it a cleanse or a break, I think it helps your digestive system adjust to a variety of foods.

    Another benefit is cleanup time. When I cook I make a huge mess. But if there is no meat involved, cleaning is a little easier because you don’t have to scrub the grease and fat off surfaces.

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