Wisconsin Foodie

Wisconsin Public Television started airing a new show last year called “Wisconsin Foodie.” It’s a 30-minute program that features Wisconsin produce, markets, restaurants, chefs, farmers, foragers, and more. After scoring a 2011 regional Emmy nomination (in the Public Affairs Series category), they are back with their second season as of last week. J and I just finished watching the first episode of the year, which focused on Wisconsin coffee culture. We were especially happy to see our favorite Kickapoo Coffee featured, and we both liked the episode a lot (though the host, who can come off as a pompous jerk, really rubs J the wrong way). For more info on the program, including some clips from last season, check out their website here. For schedule details, visit the show’s page on the WPT website (or search “Wisconsin Foodie” on your DVR).

Relatedly, the Huff Post Food blog has been running a series called “A Week in the Life: Food Informants,” where a variety of people involved in food production and preparation present a diary of what they do in their day-to-day work with food. Last month they ran this entry from Jonathan Stich of Burlington, Wisconsin, who left a corporate job to become a third generation farmer. The series is a nice, slice-of-life idea, and I liked this particular entry. (Mini rant: I completely forgive typos from a farmer who’s squeezing in diary entries between tending plants, delivering produce to restaurants, and all his other work, but is no one even proofing this content at the Huffington Post before putting it online? Oh, new media….) Part of Stich’s week included his participation in a segment being recorded for, you guessed it, Wisconsin Foodie. The diary provides a little behind-the-scenes preview from this upcoming episode of the program. I’m looking forward to seeing him on the small screen next week!


One comment

  1. zazzman

    This is J and I can’t stand the host. I love the content, but I just can’t stand that guy. I feel like he tries really hard to make himself seem smart.

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