Campus flavor

Some cool food things are happening on the UW-Madison campus. Take, for example, the video above, which features the F.H. King Student Farm (located in Eagle Heights), where student volunteers grow produce that gets used and given away locally. Or this article that about plantings at Allen Centennial Gardens that encouraged passersby to enjoy a seasonal snack this past summer. Even on-campus dining options are getting a bit of a spruce-up. This story talks about changes at campus delis that serve hot foods and their efforts to offer more international cuisine, including vegetarian offerings. And don’t forget Steenbock’s on Orchard and Aldo’s Cafe in the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery; J is a big fan of the free-range turkey sandwich at Aldo’s. It’s a shame my office is located off-campus!


One comment

  1. zazzman

    I do love Aldo’s but I do wish there were more organic options on campus. I also appreciate places like Badger Market having more vegetarian options, but I think their problem may not be a lack of veggie options. It has to do more with consistent meal planning. Some days I would show up and everything was meaty and on others it was all veggies.

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