Get your goat


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Although I’m a fan of goat cheese, I’m not sure I’ve ever had goat meat. It’s common in many cuisines around the world, but it’s not what comes to mind as a quintessential Midwestern meat here in the US. My interest was piqued, though, by this article in the Isthmus a few weeks ago that talked about goat meat in the Madison area. (The New York Times ran a similar piece a couple years ago.) I was happy to discover that the goat meatballs mentioned in the Isthmus story appear to still be on the menu at Graze; I’m going to have to try them soon.

On the milk front, I’m reminded that J’s sister used to have goats on their small “hobby farm.” This was before J and I met, so I didn’t get the meet the goats, but J says he helped milk them once. Eventually the local milk processor got bought out and stopped accepting goat milk, bringing the mini goat farm to a close. By all accounts, nobody was too sorry to see the ornery goats go.



  1. vanessa

    Try as I might, I’ve never developed a hankering for goat. I’ve heard it’s much healthier than beef, but it’s generally too rangy for me. I love that goats have attitudes, though.

  2. zazzman

    They were really stinky, would spit on you, and didn’t really like to be milked. Overall, they were buttheads. I’m totally game for trying goat meat, but considering I connect such a mean personality with the goat, I will probably not like their meat. Perhaps I’m wrong and eating them will be like my little revenge…ha…this is what you get for spitting on me…chomp, chomp, chomp.

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