Free organic eggs

Egg Egg Egg Egg

As a follow up to my post this past Saturday, I thought I’d share this story that I recently found at Civil Eats, which talks about a cool idea for spreading around some good, healthful, humanely raised food. Inspired by the TOMS Shoes concept (for every pair sold, give one away to a child in need), an organic produce company partnered up with a food distributor and community organizers to provide free eggs to shoppers at a farmers’ market in the South Bronx. The free eggs help attract customers to the market and the program provides farm-fresh produce in the heart of the city to any interested takers. It’s a pilot project, but a pretty neat one.

The post mentions the fact that the giveaway program makes use of smaller eggs, since the company sells its extra-large ones at specialty grocery stores. So does that mean they’re handing out substandard stuff to folks who can’t afford the premium goods? Uh, only if you think organic, pastured eggs in sizes smaller than XL are sub-par.

It was nice to be reminded that, although the grocery store cartons suggest that eggs come in just a few distinct sizes, chicken eggs can actually vary widely in size, reflecting different breeds, the individual animals that lay them, the age of the birds, their care and feeding, and so on. These aren’t just shells popping out out of molds in a factory that move down an assembly line to be injected with whites and a yolk (at least not yet). A living, breathing creature actually made what becomes that amazing, tasty foodstuff. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: thank you, chickens!



  1. Paula

    I’m with you on the pro-chicken sentiments! Nicely put about the charming heterogeneity in their egg production.

    Have you ever made your own mayonnaise? I ask because I read an article about it yesterday that emphasized that the egg has to be really fresh, so now I’m interested but too cowardly to try it with my eggs from King Soopers. (Yes, that’s actually the name of our local grocery chain.)

    • Todd Ingram

      Thanks for the comments, Paula! I haven’t tried making mayo yet, but I bet homemade is delicious. And I love the goofy “King Soopers” name almost as much as the supermarket that our friend in Bordeaux, France is shopping at, called “simply” (which has a customer loyalty card called “happy”).

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