Seasonal brews

Although Oktoberfest must come to an end soon, there’s still time to enjoy the seasonal beers of autumn. I’m looking forward to picking up some Fallen Apple from Furthermore Beer of Madison, as well as Apple Ale from New Glarus Brewing Company.

I love pumpkin (pies, bars, custard) but have never been smitten with pumpkin beer. This write-up in the Isthmus, though, makes me want to give it another try at my neighborhood Great Dane. (Also check out these reviews of pumpkin brews at

Soon it will be time for Winter Skål from Capital Brewery in Middleton. It’s a nice enough beer, but when it’s straight from the tap during happy hour ($2.50 pints) on a Sunday afternoon at Bluephies, it’s at its very best.

Any fall (or winter) brews you’re currently enjoying or looking forward to?



  1. Todd Ingram

    Update: So I picked up some Fallen Apple. Sadly, I now remember that I don’t really like it! The apple taste is just not forward enough for me. I think part of the problem is that I expect it to taste more like hard cider, when it’s really a beer that has cider included as an ingredient. As one commenter at the Beer Advocate review page for Fallen Apple put it: “I liked it, but at some points I was thinking, I would rather just have a cider.” Yep. Hopefully now that I’ve blogged about it I’ll remember this next autumn!

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