Wisconsin beer bottle brain buster

Can you name the beer & brewery?

If you’re a fan of Wisconsin beer and haven’t seen it before, check out this quiz from the Wisconsin State Journal. The interactive feature gives you a series of beer bottle labels with the primary text and brewery name deleted, and then you have to match each one with the correct beer from a list of 16.

Some of them are easy; Spotted Cow wins the award for “so easy even out-of-state teetotalers can guess it.” Others, though, are from beers that I was less familiar with, and those had me playing the process-of-elimination game. In the end I only got one wrong; it was one of the last entries and should’ve been a gimme based on the picture, but by then I’d lost track of the remaining, unused answers.

Each answer is accompanied by a fact or two about the brewery. Some are out of date (the feature is a couple years old), but others are interesting tidbits of history.


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