Credit: Linda Falkenstein, Isthmus

This year’s inaugural SlowPig event in Madison was pricey, with admission prices of $100-$150 per person. Fortunately, if you’re curious about what was involved in this “celebration of heritage pigs and the people who drive the movement,” there was plenty of follow-up coverage in the local press. This piece by Samara Kalk Derby in the Wisconsin State Journal gives a good overview of the event. There’s this article from Linda Falkenstein in the Isthmus, which gives a nice feel of being at the tasting along with some reviews of the food. Lastly, this piece by Lindsay Christians in 77 Square focuses more on the craft cocktails that were designed to pair with the pork dishes served up by Madison and Milwaukee chefs.


One comment

  1. vanessa

    OMG! I very nearly went to this last weekend because Groupon was doing a half-off ticket deal. Plus, pork is my favorite meat of all time. Thanks for the follow-up info.

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