Farmers’ market: 11/05/2011

some of the autumn bounty of Southcentral Wisconsin

Today was the last outdoor Dane County Farmers’ Market of the season, so I was glad that my friend V suggested we stop by. (Next week the market moves to Monona Terrace, where it’ll be through the end of the year; during the late winter and early spring, it moves to the Madison Senior Center downtown.) The crowd was manageable; in fact, it was thin enough that some stands were packing up around noon as the number of shoppers dwindled. Despite a bit of a chill in the air, it was a lovely day to be making a loop around the square.

I didn’t really have any meal plans in mind when we hit the market, so I did what any good locavore does and just bought whatever produce was in season, knowing we’d figure out the details later. As you can see in the photo (clockwise, from left to right), I got a great heap of organic goodness for the upcoming week: purple carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, butternut squash, bagged sauté mix (hearty, leafy greens), parsnips, kabocha squash, scallions, Brussels sprouts, and chicken breasts.

Not pictured: Hook’s pepper jack cheese (I forgot to pull it out of the fridge for the photo shoot), a tasty oat-and-fruit bar that I ate at the market, and a cinnamon-and-raisin brioche that I brought home as a treat for J. Oh, and some celery that V bought to share with us.


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