New burger joint, and other restaurant news

There’s no shortage of restaurants in Madison, but the new ones just keep on coming.

The Milwaukee burger joint AJ Bombers recently opened a Madison branch in the former Crave location just off State Street. It looks like conscientious omnivores have some choices, as the menu includes the option to upgrade any burger to a 100% organic, grass-fed beef patty, as well as two vegetarian burgers (black bean or “veggie patty”) that can be prepared vegan on request. (Apparently “A” of AJ Bombers is a non-meat-eater, or as she describes herself on Twitter, “the reigning vegetarian in a carnivore empire.”) A friend recently gave AJ Bombers a big thumbs up, but I haven’t been myself yet. For second and third opinions, check out the reviews from Adam Powell at the Onion AV Club and Stephanie Bedford at 77 Square.

In other news, the guys who brought us Marigold Kitchen and Sardine have plans for a third as-yet-unnamed restaurant, which will be located on the first floor of a building now under construction next to Mallatt’s Pharmacy on Monroe Street. Word is the new place will have the “same kind of vibe as Sardine.”

Lastly, former L’Etoile staffers plan to open Three Square on Williamson, also on the first floor of a new multistory building. According to the linked feature, “The menus will be inspired by local and sustainable agriculture, focusing on produce, meat and dairy from local farms.” Can’t wait to check it out!



  1. vanessa

    Sadly, I won’t be able to check out the second one. But let me know if you guys are up at any point for a burger at AJ Bombers.

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