Green Dog Cafe

Today my Ohio trip included brunch at the Green Dog Cafe in Cincinnati. The friends I’m visiting graciously include this as a meal option when I visit since it’s super easy to eat here as a conscientious omnivore. As the restaurant’s website describes their approach, “Our menu features local pastured poultry, organic sustainable fish, antibiotic free pork and other fresh foods that appeal to all tastes, including vegans, vegetarians and those who don’t tolerate wheat and dairy.”

It’s the sort of restaurant that would do well in Madison. A locavore spin on the Noodles and Company model, the space is stylish but casual. You order at the register; get your water, pop, and coffee from the self-serve stations; place your number on your table; and wait a fairly short time for staff to bring your meal out. Given the locally sourced veggies and humanely and sustainably raised meats, eggs, and dairy, the prices are reasonable; as is common with quick-casual restaurants, there’s no tipping.

I’ve been here several times in the past for dinner, but this was my first brunch outing. Thinking of J who wasn’t along on this trip, I ordered the eggs Benedict, which is a favorite of his. I also added a side of sausage sourced from Dean Family Farm, which raises the heritage Red Wattle breed southeast of Cincinnati in Georgetown, Ohio. The sausage was tasty but a bit overcooked. The eggs Benedict, though, were amazing. As you can see in the photo (which I remembered to snap after sampling a bite), I ordered the hollandaise on the side, which was a good choice as the sauce was on the heavy side, and the dish was full of wonderful flavor without it. Instead of the traditional English muffin, this Benedict was served on sweet potato pancakes, along with spears of perfectly grilled asparagus. Yum!!!!! I owe J brunch at the Green Dog the next time we’re back in Cincinnati.


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