Thanksgiving traditions

Green bean casserole

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To hold the Christmas season at bay for one more day, I thought I’d share another Thanksgiving-themed story today. This piece by Michele Kayal, entitled “Thanksgiving From America’s Melting Pot,” is a contribution to NPR’s Kitchen Window series. A reminder of the multifaceted American story, it captures the emotional pull of long-held traditions and the simultaneous desire to craft new rituals that represent the selves we consciously create with our loved ones. Are there any childhood Thanksgiving traditions that you can’t give up as an adult? Any new ones you’ve started yourself?

Even though it only marginally qualifies as a vegetable dish, I for one was happy to see that mushroom-soupy, fried-onion-crunchy, green-bean casserole on the Thanksgiving buffet yesterday. I don’t even think this was a staple at holiday meals when I was growing up, but it somehow still manages to get me feeling wistful.


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  1. Lynn Peterson

    My family always had cranberry muffins at Thanksgiving. This year, I worked throughout the fall to re-create the recipe in an allergy-free manner. The muffins had to be wheat free, egg free, and dairy free. I used Betty Crocker’s yellow cake mix, following the directions for cupcakes with some substitutions. For butter, I used Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread. For eggs, I used applesauce. I omitted the vanilla. Instead of water, I used an equal amount of Sprite soda. Once everything was mixed together, I mixed in a heaping cup of fresh cranberries.

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