Storing produce for winter

Cucurbita moschata 'Butternut'. Original descr...

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Cold weather has set in, and soon winter will officially arrive. As such, it gets harder to be a locavore in the upper Midwest, at least when it comes to fresh produce. (Eggs, dairy, and frozen meats still are easy finds.) Last week Isthmus ran this piece from Matt Mullins about effective ways to store vegetables through the winter.

Alas, most of the tips are best implemented by folks who, unlike me and J, do not live in a small condominium but rather have a basement or cellar. I tend to let the farmers do the cold storage and pick up squash and taters at the farmers’ market instead.

Even if you’re just storing fruit and veggies in your fridge, there’s one reminder from the Isthmus piece that will come in handy: “Keep apples separate; they emit ethylene, which affects other fruits and vegetables. Cabbage, turnips, celery and related items also emit ethylene and can lend an unpleasant odor to other vegetables. “


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