Three Pound Loaf

Today friend and friend-of-the-blog V stumbled upon a new Madison bakery. Named Three Pound Loaf, their website describes baker extraordinaire Brian Allen as follows: “Originally from California, he comes to Madison after a tour of Europe & intense study near Paris, France. After working many years in American Style bakeries, his goal is to recreate the Parisian experience of FRESH HOT ONE-OF-A-KIND BREAD TO YOU. Each loaf is unique, and baked to your own specification. Light, Normal, or ‘bien cuit’  Well Done. Your 3LB. LOAF will be delivered HOT to your doorstep (or secretary) by bicycle rain or shine. Bread will keep up to one week from date of delivery if kept in bread box, fabric, or paper bag in loose plastic covering…. If you are a resident of the Near East Side/ East Side or surrounding neighborhoods of Madison WI, and would like fresh HOT crusty bread delivered by bicycle to your door EMAIL to see if your location would fit into the daily route!”

They’re remodeling and settling into a storefront near Michelangelo’s on State Street just off the Capitol Square. V said the scone that she sampled was quite tasty, so check them out if you get the chance!

UPDATE: Shortly after this post, bike delivery was put on hold, so you’ll have to stop by sample their goods for yourself. They’ve also renamed themselves Baker’s Window: check out their new website!


One comment

  1. vanessa

    Yay! I love that they give you the options of light, normal or bien cuit. I am definitely a “light” or underdone girl myself.

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