RP’s gluten-free fresh pasta

For a quick and tasty meal, J and I sometimes buy RP’s Pasta, which is freshly made (and flash frozen) right here in Madison. We’re partial to their pumpkin tortelloni, but I have a number of friends who can’t eat gluten. Although RP’s doesn’t make filled items like ravioli or tortellini sans wheat, thanks to a story at madison.com this week I learned that they do make gluten-free varieties of linguini and fusilli. As described on their website, RP’s came up with their GF line when a longtime customer had to stop eating wheat and was very upset about giving up fresh pasta. Willy Street Co-op East and West, Metcalfe’s, Whole Foods, HyVee are reportedly among the places in Madison that stock it.

Gluten-free bloggers from Wisconsin and beyond have been singing the praises of RP’s. (As someone who’s tasted dried brown rice pasta, I can agree that there was lots of room for improvement!) Apparently RP’s gluten-free products reached the attention of some staffers from Oprah’s O Magazine a few months back, leading to a shout-out in the current (January 2012) issue. A nice bit of national publicity for a hometown business!


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