This is What Democracy Cooks Like

Thanks to this article in Isthmus, I just learned that WORT — the Madison community radio station on your FM dial at 89.9 and streaming online — has put together a community cookbook fundraiser that they’ve cleverly titled This is What Democracy Cooks Like. Here’s the pitch:

This Is What Democracy Cooks Like: a collection of recipes from the WORT community

Need a dose of Reality Sandwich? Aztec Calzone? Ozarks Smoked Carp? Health-Nut Booze Balls? Kabocha Curry? Bachelor Spackle? Or perhaps some nice, comforting SPAM Casserole.

This is the cookbook for you, your friends, your family, your neighbors. But it’s not just a cookbook. It’s a tale of our state in an uproar and a cookbook that simmered along with public sentiment. Over 250 recipes from WORT listeners, community members, and even the Fab 14 are collected here along with photographs of the Wisconsin Uprising, food trivia, recaps of movies about food, and quotations from the famous and the infamous.

Rejuvenate yourself and your loved ones with a healthy serving of memories and your favorite dish. Delicious food is good for your soul. Tune your radio to WORT 89.9FM and dine happily.

The first printing of 500 copies is already sold out, but according to the Isthmus article a second run of 1000 will be available next month. Sign up to reserve your copy here. They’re just $25, and the proceeds support local, community radio. I just reserved mine!

While you’re waiting for your cookbook, perhaps you’ll enjoy this fantastic video from a friend, which shows what democracy looks like as tens of thousands of ordinary folks converge on the Wisconsin State Capitol 10 months ago to protest Republican efforts to strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights. They eventually lost those rights, but the campaign to recall Governor Scott Walker is underway as I type, so the fight rages on …


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