A resolution

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The Champagne bottles are empty and the balloons are already losing their buoyancy, which can only mean that New Year’s Eve has come and gone. To kick off this new year, I thought I’d share a piece that appeared at Civil Eats a few years ago. In it, filmmaker (“King Corn”), organizer, and activist Curt Ellis shares his new year’s resolution. It’s a bold one — “I will not eat confinement-raised meat again.” Even if you’re not ready to make such a resolution yourself, it’s a thoughtful, well-written piece that’s worth checking out. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration to consider ways that you can “lean into change” (see my post on that topic here) to make food choices that fit your values and goals for the year ahead.

Whether you’re the sort of person who abhors or adores resolutions, The Conscientious Omnivore wishes you a year of delicious, just, and healthful eating in 2012. Happy New Year!


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