Gay men don’t get fat

The New York Times recently went to lunch with Simon Doonan, columnist for Slate and author of the just-published Gay Men Don’t Get Fat. (Yes, he knows about bears, but is apparently intimidated by them.) The NYT headline read “Pass the Large Grain of Salt” — as in, his tongue is so well planted in his cheek that “it does not take long to figure out that his self-helpish bons mots should be sprinkled with liberal shakes of sodium. And it might be pointed out that he’s putting an extreme, satirical spin on tropes and stereotypes that have been in circulation for 30 years, ever since ‘Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche’ drew a similar line in the culinary sand.”

For example, he peruses the menu and declares that the restaurant is “actually a very good mixture of gay and straight…. Just the words ‘baby arugula salad’ — you know you have some gay options. But then it’s balanced out with some real classics. We have Black Angus meatloaf — that’s the Burt Reynolds of foods.”

So, if you’re prepared for some serious eye-rolling, dig in! Also, John Waters, Malcolm Gladwell, Joan Rivers, RuPaul, and Chelsea Handler all blurbed for him, so you’ve got their collective recommendation, and an indication that this isn’t necessarily a book aimed at serious foodies. As Kirkus Reviews put it: “Nutty silliness best appreciated by its intended audience.”

P.S. Did you know we’re in the grip of a serious macaron craze? Me neither, but it does sound awfully gay, even to me.


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