Fukushima Daiichi disaster still taking its toll

日本語: English: Fukushima I nuclear power plant ...

The impact of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan last March continues to affect farmers and the food supply in Japan. Martin Fackler’s piece in today’s New York Times describes how concerns linger about radioactive contamination of food crops despite assurances from the government. As Fackler writes,”government inspectors declared Onami’s rice safe for consumption after testing just two of its 154 rice farms…. In the weeks that followed, more than a dozen other farmers also found unsafe levels of cesium…. Critics say farm and health officials have been too quick to allow food to go to market without adequate testing, or have ignored calls from consumers to fully disclose test results. And they say the government can no longer pull the wool over the public’s eyes, as they contend it has done routinely in the past.” Check out the full story for more details, including consumer response. And, see this recent piece by John Glionna in the Los Angeles Times, which focuses on the disaster from the perspective of area farmers.


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