(Unintentionally) moldy cheese

Emmentaler (also known as Swiss Cheese), while...

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J and I have had much success extending the life of cheese in our fridge by following a simple tip I picked up online. Once we open a package of hard (e.g., Parmesan) or semi-soft (e.g., cheddar) cheese, the leftover chunk gets wrapped in parchment paper, which then goes into an airtight plastic bag, which then goes into the cheese drawer. If the paper starts to show signs of excess moisture, we rewrap the cheese in a new piece of parchment before sealing it up again.

Despite best efforts to stave off mold, though, it sometimes makes an unwelcome appearance. J recently came across this handy guide from the Mayo Clinic for deciding when you need to pitch moldy cheese and when it can be saved … and if it’s salvageable, how to best go about it. Of course, as the article suggests, when in doubt, pitch it!


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