“Nutmeg will f&¢% you up”


Image by Nikita Avvakumov via Flickr

Last night J and I found ourselves unexpectedly partaking of The Icon‘s half-off sangria special. It takes a while to polish off a pitcher of that potent stuff, so we ended up with our noses buried in our respective smart phones for a while.

During that time, I came across this article posted to The Atlantic a few weeks ago about an unlikely psychoactive substance in your kitchen, that hallucinogen commonly known as nutmeg. Not being much of baker, we didn’t even have nutmeg in the house until J and I binged on Organic Valley eggnog between Thanksgiving and New Year’s last year. (Eggnog really is better with a sprinkle of the evocative spice.) So, being a nutmeg neophyte, I was unaware of the long-known intoxicating properties of the spice. I had apparently missed some of the mainstream media’s hyperventilating about the subject two Decembers ago, as well as earlier reports dating back at least as far as the 12th century.

Aside from the headline of this post, my favorite quote from The Atlantic piece is this one: “I was naturally intrigued when I came across a punch recipe from 1694 that called for five pounds of grated nutmeg—at least until I saw that it also required the juice of 25,000 lemons.”


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