T(w)eens in the kitchen


Photo by MacAnthony via Flickr

I just read this nice piece that The New York Times ran a few days ago. In it, Leslie Kaufman describes what happened  “when it occurred to me that my children should be cooking dinner for me instead of the other way around.” Her boys, 10 and 14, have each cooked a meal once a week for the last 6 months. They select the recipe (with parental assistance as needed), compile a shopping list, and prepare the dinner from start to finish. The results are everything you’d expect and more. On the one hand, there are queries like “Can I use the hand blender to chop onions?” and meal planning that is either uninspired (been there) or overly ambitious (spanakopita proved too much for the 10-year-old’s skills). On the other hand, there are also some tasty meals, along with a sense of ownership and accomplishment that makes one proud of these burgeoning young cooks. Check out the essay; it’s an enjoyable read.


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