Distill America

Today Madison.com ran this preview of 2012’s Distill America. The February 18 event at the Edgewater will be the fourth incarnation of this “sampling experience featuring legendary American spirits, unique craft offerings and … the personalities that bring them to life” (as the event’s website describes).

Lindsay Christians writes: “As the craft cocktail movement has grown locally, so has the appetite for products like small-batch Kentucky bourbon, apple brandy made in McFarland and artisan vodkas like Tito’s from Austin, Texas.”

Among the many specialty products to be featured at the event is a Hmong rice spirit called Yerlo from Lo Artisan Distillery of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. As Distill America organizer Adam Casey described to Christians, “It’s new in Wisconsin — new in the country as far as I know. It’s 120 proof and it smells dangerously like nothing. It’s a little bit terrifying, but it’s actually pretty tasty.”

It looks like a cool event. Alas tickets aren’t cheap ($55, or $65 for a VIP ticket granting early admission), so I won’t likely be going. Some good news, though: the promotional materials indicate that proceeds will benefit the Madison Area CSA Coalition. So, go enjoy some craft spirits, meet the makers, and help promote area farms in the process.

UPDATE: On February 21, madison.com posted this article featuring Lindsay Christians’s favorite finds from this year’s Distill America. Check out the list for some exciting spirits!


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