New microbrewery (make that nanobrewery) to open

Today Isthmus posted this piece about yet another new Madison brewing outfit in the works. As Robin Shepard describes, “Madison’s newest brewery is still technically based in Peter Gentry’s living room, but it’s bringing excitement to the near east side. Gentry, 32, is looking to open Madison’s smallest brewery, which might also be one of smallest in the state. He’s calling his venture One Barrel Brewing Company…. Gentry is an accomplished homebrewer in the Madison area…. His signature beer, what he calls No. 2 Strong Ale, was one of the winners in the Grumpy Troll brewpub’s homebrew challenge in 2009…. The beer went on to win Honorable Mention in the 2010 U.S. Beer Tasting Championships.” He hopes to open this summer, but as Shepard notes, “even after he secures space, he still has to meet local, state and federal licensing requirements.” For more details, check out the full article.

UPDATED 3/21/2012: This past weekend, Samara Kalk Derby at the Wisconsin State Journal reported that Peter Gentry has signed a lease for One Barrel Brewing on Madison’s east side. After a Willy Street location fell though, Gentry has ended up next to Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace on Atwood, with plans to open by July 1. As the article reports, “One Barrel Brewing will offer 10 beers on tap: three consistent ones and seven that rotate. ‘A beer probably won’t be around for more than three weeks at any given time,’ Gentry said. ‘Then there will be something totally new for people to try. That’s the niche.’ Of the three beers always on tap, Gentry will have a light beer, a pale ale and a dark beer.” Click here for the full story.

UPDATED 7/9/2012: One Barrel Brewing opened for business on July 6! Get my first impressions here.


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