Jacs, je t’aime

Last night J and I took a friend out to dinner for her birthday to Jacs, a bit of a Brasserie V doppelganger at the other end of Monroe Street. Under doctor’s orders, our friend is currently on a gluten-free diet. After doing a little online digging, we found this handy list of Madison-area restaurants that feature gluten-free options, with Jacs among the list. We’d been there a couple times before and enjoyed it; they’re a REAP Buy Fresh Buy Local member and, among other things, serve burgers made with local grassfed beef. We didn’t remember just how extensive their gluten-free options were, though. As well-described in this post from the blog “Living Gluten Free in Madison,” not only does Jacs have bread, flatbread, and pasta available in gluten-free varieties, they also have a fryer dedicated to gluten-free cooking, including frites and gluten-free Friday fish fry. How’s that for celiac friendly?! They even had not one but two gluten-free beers available last night.

To make things even better, we were there early enough to take advantage of their happy hour special (half-off beer, and slightly reduced prices on some apps). So, we started with drinks and a gigantic order of gluten-free frites (pictured). After the fries and a Blanche de Bruxelles, I was already feeling full, so I just a had a small beet salad with goat cheese, which was very tasty. J had the veggie flatbread and our friend had the sweet-potato flatbread (gluten-free). Everything was delicious, the portions were very generous, and the service was friendly despite it being a very busy Valentine’s Eve. We will definitely be back soon!


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