Pelmeni lives (in Fitchburg!)

Photo by Yelp user dana v.

You may remember Pelmeni (AKA Pel’meni), the little hole-in-wall on State Street that served Russian dumplings and not much else. The restaurant closed for a while due to some legal wrangling between owners, re-opened, and then eventually closed for good, never to be heard from again.

Until today, that is, when I read in 77 Square at that one of the former Pelmeni proprietors is serving up lunchtime dumplings at the EVP in Fitchburg. Even in the out-of-the-way location, folks apparently are lining up for the delicious, filling treats at what remain bargain prices. Even better, the meat versions of the dumplings are reportedly made with beef from Black Earth Meats. I can’t wait for a vacation day at home so I can stop by and sample them myself!

UPDATED December 28, 2012: 77 Square reports that, in addition to keeping Pel’meni alive at (the newly renamed) Oasis Cafe and EVP Coffee in Fitchburg, Paul Schwoerer is now working to bring the dumplings back to downtown Madison. Check out the details in Samara Kalk Derby’s piece.

By the way, J and I took advantage of a recent holiday-break day at home to finally have the Fitchburg pelmeni. They’re fantastic! I recommend a mixed order (half Black Earth beef, half potato) topped with the works: spicy sauce, fresh herb garnish, and a side of sour cream. Mmmmm…

UPDATED June 28, 2013: Good news! As reported by Samara Kalk Derby today, Paul’s Pe’meni (AKA Gorham Dumplings) is now open downtown. The bad news, though, is that owner Paul Schwoerer, “who also owns the Oasis Cafe and EVP coffee shop, 2690 Research Park Dr., in Fitchburg, has discontinued dumplings at that location because he doesn’t have the proper equipment or space there.”



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