Sunday cooking: The 2/19/2012 edition

J did our meal planning for the week (thanks, hon!) and came up with three main courses.

Two were from recipes that he acquired at work last week: a vegan jambalaya that we made unvegan with chicken thighs/legs and cajun brats (both from Jordandal Farms), and a garbanzo bean stew that became garbanzo, pinto, and black bean stew when J realized this morning that the recipe called for 4 cans of beans, not just the one we’d picked up yesterday. (Thank goodness our little pantry usually has some staples.) The stew recipe calls for it to be served over cubes of country-style bread, but we ended up overriding that to keep it easier to package meals for the week and instead served it with oven-roasted potatoes. We’d bought the bread though, so J sliced it up and made Willow Creek Farm ham sandwiches as our dinner tonight. The third meal for the week was our homemade version of Whole Foods’ curried tofu salad. I also sliced up some Trader Joe’s steamed baby beets as sides (with a little balsamic vinegar on top), along with a cold broccoli and carrot salad that I threw together with an Asian vinaigrette.


One comment

  1. zazzman

    It’s always an adventure when we make new meals. The jambalaya ended up tasting really good. Also the been stew concoction was tasty. I should point out that I didn’t get the last one from a co-worker. It was just the quick recipe on Epicurious’s home page.The curry tofu salad was good, but I didn’t do a good job of splitting it into various containers. I accidentally got too much tofu in one and too much toppings in another. Doh!

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