Downton Abbey dining

The finale of season 2 (or “series 2,” if you want to be British about it) of the wonderful Downton Abbey aired on PBS last night. To honor the occasion, I thought I’d share this post from NPR, titled “Dining After ‘Downton Abbey’: Why British Food Was So Bad For So Long.” It’s a brief but interesting look at the evolution of English food culture over the course of the 20th century.

For more D.A. food fun, check out this piece from Huffington Post, which includes a lovely slideshow, and head over to the Downton Abbey Cooks blog.

Finally, I couldn’t help but share these delightful paper dolls of several Downton Abbey characters. Though neither Mrs. Patmore nor Daisy* are included, take note of the “evil flour” cutout that comes with Thomas! Kudos to Kyle Hilton at Vulture for creating the witty paper dolls.

* For the uninitiated, Mrs. Patmore and Daisy are, respectively, Downton Abbey’s cook and kitchen maid.


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