Boo to bottled water

English: Images of bottled water

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Last week NPR’s food blog, The Salt, featured this piece from Ted Burnham about activism on college campuses (and elsewhere) that seeks to limit bottled water as a wasteful, ecologically absurd product in the developed world. The NPR article notes that the bottled water mega-industry is fighting back with its own (lame) PR campaign that suggests that students ought to worry about more important things than the proliferation of bottled water (which after all, the industry says, is healthful and eco-friendly!) The industry-sponsored YouTube video is so dumb that I can’t even bring myself to post it here, so you’ll have to follow the NPR link above if you want to waste 2 minutes and 33 seconds of your time. Instead, may I suggest you head to my prior post about the North Pacific Gyre?


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