Willow Creek pork shoulder at Willy Street

J and I were out of town for part of this past weekend, so our cooking for the week was limited to a quick batch of “3 Ps” (pasta, pesto, peas) that I threw together last night. Before getting back into town for the REAP member appreciation party, we managed to stop at the Willy Street Co-op. Along with some staples, we picked up an entrée from their hot case: BBQ pork shoulder (AKA Boston butt or pork butt) from Willow Creek Farm. The price ($7.99) seemed fair to me: although it’s a cheap cut of meat, I’m happy to pay extra for local, humanely and sustainably raised pork, and this time around I was happy to pay for somebody else to do the cooking and associated clean up! We bought two pounds, which I divided into 5 good-sized portions of roughly 6 ounces each. (I’ll be eating 2 of the 5; more meat-loving J gets 3.) I had my first serving today for lunch on a toasted Ezekiel bun, and I thought it was delicious! I will definitely be keeping the Willy Street prepared hot foods in mind when we’re pressed for time, especially when J wants some meat-based meals for the week ahead.


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