Craftsman Table & Tap

The Food Fight empire has expanded to included yet another restaurant, Craftsman Table & Tap [originally called “Craft Table & Tap”: see note below]. Located in Middleton at 6712 Frank Lloyd Wright Avenue, the restaurant was originally talked about as a sort of sister to The Coopers Tavern, though initial reviews suggest it may be more like a cousin. Click here for Samara Kalk Derby’s take in the Wisconsin State Journal, and head here to see what André Darlington had to say at Isthmus. Both reviews are positive on balance, with some complaints peppering the praise. The reviewers’ opinions are sometimes in sync, and other times … not so much. For example, both note the heavy reliance on fried appetizers, though they differ on the quality of the curds. Kalk Derby says “it’s not a stretch to say they are the best fried cheese curds you’ll find anywhere. A generous helping came, adorably spilling out of a little silver bucket that was served on its side. They were soft and succulent, fried with a light touch. No dense, crusty breading on these curds. The buttermilk ranch dressing served with them was unmistakably homemade.” But Darlington begs to differ: “The cheese curds are handmade and good but extremely salty…. Most of the appetizers are served in a tipped-over bucket that some will find cute, but feels like a throwback to ’90s-era Pottery Barn.”

Use the links above for more details, and check out Craftsman Table & Tap for yourself. I promise to post my own review when I manage to make it out that way!

UPDATED 3/21/2012: As reported in the Wisconsin State Journal this past weekend, Craft Table & Tap has undergone a name change to Craftsman Table & Tap. The change came about after Food Fight was contacted by the Craft Restaurants company, founded by Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio. It seems like the folks at Food Fight need to do a better job when it comes to selecting names: Tex Tubb’s Cadillac Ranch also underwent a name change in the last couple years for similar reasons before eventually closing.


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