It’s a nice day for a … food truck wedding

Wynwood Food Truck Meetup

Photo by Bob B. Brown via Flickr

NPR’s food blog, The Salt, recently ran this piece from Rachel Estabrook on how food truck owners are branching out to find new business opportunities. She writes: “As food trucks have swarmed the streets of cities around the country, some city councils and brick-and-mortar restaurants have fought back, enacting regulations to make it harder for them to linger.” As a result, some food truck owners are turning to catering as part of their business plan, lining up gigs for “everything from office parties, birthdays, weddings, quinceñeras to bat mitzvahs.”

Personally, I really like the idea of a food truck wedding. It’s fun, casual, and inexpensive. For example, as the story describes, catering packages from The Slide Ride, a Chicago truck serving gourmet mini sandwiches, start at just $10/person. But then again, when J and I had our own commitment ceremony, we didn’t invite 300 people for a formal sit-down dinner preceded by champagne and trays of appetizers offered by tuxedo-clad waiters. Instead, for the service we rented a beautiful public building that didn’t require any gussying up, and then headed to a nearby fantastic local restaurant that agreed to open a couple hours early to host our mid-afternoon reception for a few dozen of our closest friends, family, and coworkers. To each his or her own, I guess!


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