Vancouver: Trees Organic Coffee

Even though it’s only a two-hour time difference, the time change and travel to Vancouver has worn me out, so I’ll be brief tonight.

This morning I took advantage of the free breakfast at my hotel (I ordered fresh fruit salad and a bagel with peanut butter), but I waited to have coffee until I could stop at a Trees Organic Coffee shop on my way to the convention center. As they describe, “While a great bean is a good start, the roasting process is where the coffee’s flavour is produced. To ensure the freshest, best tasting coffee, we buy our coffee green and roast it ourselves, daily in small batches at our Granville Street Roasting House. We roast our beans to provide optimum flavour, which means that we vary our roast to bring out the best of the bean…. Our coffees are 100% organic, naturally shade grown and bought at fair trade terms.”

I had a large drip coffee; I think it was Costa Rican. Sadly, I thought it was fine but not great. At least it tasted better than it smelled, which wasn’t very good. (I’m even more grateful now for the delicious Kickapoo Coffee I get to have at home every morning.) Nevertheless, I may give them another try tomorrow, since I’m too tired to look for better options….




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