Vancouver: The Templeton

Even though it’s a bit of a walk from the site of the convention I’m attending, I managed to squeeze in a trip to The Templeton for lunch on Thursday. After doing some internet research, I had already decided even before I got there that I wanted to order their vegan lentil loaf. I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

The restaurant is a sort of urban, retro, slightly worn diner. The clientele while I was there included guys in business suits, hipsters of both genders, scruffy non-hipsters, and a mom with her precocious daughter (who ordered her eggs exactly how she wanted them [over medium], and then thoughtfully considered the server’s “would you like multigrain or sourdough?” query before choosing the former). I kinda found the place charming, and the cheesy ’80s pop tunes that were playing hit a soft spot in my heart.

When I arrived around 12:30 they were busy but not completely full, so I was able to snag an open seat at the counter. I ordered the vegan loaf with mushroom gravy (the other option is with mango chutney) and mashed potatoes; the server helpfully let me know that the taters had dairy in them, in case I was a strict vegan.

My meal didn’t come out super fast — it looked like there only two people working in the kitchen — but it was piping hot when it did. The presentation was basic, as you can see below, but the taste was yummy. The loaf had a bit of browned crunch on the outside and lots of nutty flavor. It was a little on the dry side, but the mushroom gravy was very tasty and fixed that problem right up. The potatoes were made from scratch and also a little on the dry side; an extra ramekin of gravy rescued the potatoes as well! It was a hot, tasty, filling meal on a chilly Vancouver afternoon — an experience I would happily repeat.


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