Guerrilla cookies reborn

The University of Wisconsin-Madison online alumni magazine just ran this nice piece about guerrilla cookies.

Created during the heady days of campus protest in the ’60s and continuing in production through the ’80s, they predate my arrival in Madison for grad school, and so this was the first I’d heard of them. The article features the recollections and reporting of UW alum and longtime Wisconsin State Journal reporter George Hesselberg. It also highlights the efforts of alum Karen McKim, who’s created scores of recipes in her attempts to duplicate the classic cookie.

Check out the article, which hints at the way specific foods can become so evocative of a particular time in our lives, and then head over to McKim’s blog where she details her ongoing efforts to recreate the guerrilla cookie. In particular, I recommend the entry where—in addition to providing more of the baked good’s history—she describes an encounter with a young Willy Street Co-op worker who misunderstands the cookie’s name.


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