Squash and chard lasagna

For this week’s upcoming meals, today I made a couple standards and one new recipe. (J was busy all weekend with a big work project, so I was on my own in the kitchen.)

The new recipe came from Michele Borboa’s Make-Ahead Meals Made Healthy, which has the absurdly long but very descriptive subtitle, “Exceptionally Delicious and Nutritious Freezer-Friendly Recipes You Can Prepare in Advance and Enjoy at a Moment’s Notice.” J picked up the book for my birthday since it seemed to reflect exactly how we cook these days.

Even though winter squash season is pretty much over, I still wanted to try the Meatless Butternut Squash and Chard Lasagna recipe, in part because I’ve been wanting to get more dark, leafy greens like kale and chard into our diet. Although the recipe calls for butternut squash, I substituted kabocha because it was the only variety available at the store. Also, the Swiss chard at the store looked better than the called for red chard, so I went with the former. Cooking and assembly was pretty straightforward. The lasagna smelled great when it came out of the oven, so I’m looking forward to my first taste test tomorrow.

We’ve already marked several other recipes that we want to try from this attractive cookbook (check out the “Look Inside!” feature at Amazon for a sneak peek), so I’d say J picked a winner!



  1. zazzman

    The recipe didn’t turn out to be quite as good as we hoped although I think I liked it better than Todd. The cinnamon and nutmeg mixed with tomato sauce created an interesting flavor that wasn’t quite natural on the tongue.

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