Alchemy wings to return in May

First the bad news: Alchemy is not serving their amazing bourbon cocoa buffalo wings right now. I will admit to being a bit disappointed to learn this when J and I arrived there for dinner last night, since I already had my heart set on ordering them again. If you recall my December post on the subject, I am more than a little in love with these absolutely to-die-for wings. Thankfully, though, the Alchemy menu is full of great food, so some tasty beer and the always delicious and filling vegetarian dumplings left me happy and sated.

Now the good news: Although Alchemy has temporarily stopped serving wings because the local farms who provide them are all sold out, on our way out the door we were informed that they hope to have them back on the menu in May. Thanks to their popularity, last season Alchemy bought out the chicken wings from not one, not two, but THREE local farms: Jordandal, Nami Moon, and JenEhr. They hope to do the same again to satisfy the demand for this delicious treat.  Woo-hoo!!!!

UPDATED 5/19/2012: J and I had an early dinner at Alchemy today — still no wings on the menu, and the bartender hinted that it wasn’t looking good for their return. Nooooooo!!!!

NEWLY UPDATED 7/4/2012: No grilling out for us today, so we stopped by Alchemy for lunch, and miracle of miracles, the incredible wings are back on the menu! Stop by soon before they’ve exhausted their supply!



  1. Mattmatt

    We actually bought out the wings last season. But, we hope to buy them out again this year. Thanks for the post!

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