IGO VEGO first impressions

I was near downtown Madison today at the lunch hour, so I took advantage of the opportunity to try IGO VEGO for the first time. If you’re unfamiliar, IGO VEGO is a brand new food cart on the Capitol Square that just took up residence this week. (For their background and some details on their menu, you can check out my preview from a couple weeks ago here.)

I wanted to try more than one of their veggie burgers, and since yesterday I had sweet potato flatbread at Jacs, I skipped the Sweet-n-Spicy Walnut with sweet potatoes and instead ordered the other two currently on the menu: the Veg-Out, to which I added shredded cheddar goat cheese for $1, and the Two-Alarm Chili.

I thought I might eat one and save the other for later, but they were somewhat modest in size and I was hungry, so I chowed down on both. (I was full but not overly stuffed when I was done.) I had originally planned to wait to eat until I got to an afternoon meeting, but I decided that I couldn’t hold out and ended up enjoying them in my car due to the inclement weather. You can see the burgers on my dashboard in the picture below, along with the rain-covered windshield and the dessert “Bites” that I also picked up.

Both burgers were absolutely delicious! I can not sing the praises of these enough. Unlike those “I’m trying but utterly failing to trick you into thinking I’m meat” faux burgers of the Boca variety, these patties made the most of the high-quality ingredients and let their own unique, authentic flavors shine through. I was very happy that I made the choice to add the goat cheese to the Veg-Out, as it added layers of richness that really complimented the rest of the burger. The avocado on both burgers was very-much appreciated, though since I had doubled up and had two burgers at once, I probably should’ve left it off the Two-Alarm so the flavor profiles of the two burgers would be more distinct. I also think that I would leave the mustard off the Veg-Out the next time I order it; personally, it was a flavor that was an unwelcome reminder of a regular old meat-based burger.

As is often the case with grain-and-veggie burgers like these, things get pretty messy and squishy as you try to bite through the tasty but hearty bun—firmer patties or fluffier buns might make for a tidier eating experience, though I somehow managed to keep my lap free of burger fallout. As you can see in the pic, the buns are adorably little relative to the patties; I didn’t mind the size, but folks who like a better balance might find the burger-to-bun ratio a bit off.

Dessert was also on the small side; there were two raw-food treats per order ($3) in a single wrapper, with each “Bite” about the size of a standard candy truffle. I found the Nutty ‘Nilla Bites a little dry for my taste and thus ended up preferring the Loco Cocoa Bites.

I’m really looking forward to another chance to enjoy the delicious vegetarian/vegan burgers from IGO VEGO. My one concern is that some folks will find the the price point a bit too high. The burgers were $7 each, which seemed like a fair price for the quality of the food but a bit steep for the quantity. (I have the same experience at another great Madison veggie destination, The Green Owl.) That said, I hope you’ll check them out soon, as they are a welcome addition to the vibrant Madison food cart scene. The cart is located at the corner of Wisconsin and East Mifflin, serving lunch on weekdays from 11 am until 2 pm. You can find them at special events as well; for example, according to their Facebook page, they will be participating in Madison’s inaugural Food Cart Festival (sponsored by Isthmus) at Olin Park on Friday, May 11, from 4 to 8 pm.

The Veg-Out (with optional cheddar goat cheese) and the Two-Alarm Chili, along with raw dessert "Bites"


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