Claire Strader of Troy Community Farm

Photo by C&N Photography

The current issue of Madison’s Our Lives magazine includes a piece by Claire Strader, Farm Manager for Troy Community Farm and the Director of Madison FarmWorks. It’s a really nice essay that blends Strader’s own biography with her work in and perspectives on farming. For example, she writes:

Farming is not just about growing food. It is also about managing and teaching people in the field, experimenting with and evaluating new systems, fixing equipment, planning and organizing, and keeping records, not to mention pricing and marketing. As a farmer, I get to work on all those things, all to the end of providing the most nutritious and delicious food to my community that I can.

She concludes,

As winter—the season of planning and setting up crop trials and developing classes—comes to an end, I am looking forward to getting back out into the field. Another great thing about farming is that every year I get to start fresh. I get another chance to grow the best melons my members have ever tasted. I get another shot at pulling out all our weeds before they go to seed and make more babies for the next year. And I get a whole new crew of interns who are excited about growing food and whom I might both inspire and equip to actually become farmers. One of the things that I hope to convey every year is that while farming can be difficult in many ways, nothing else can compare in terms of the joy and satisfaction that come from being able to feed yourself and your community.

You can read the full article online.


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