Hospital food worth eating

Photo by David Gallagher via Flickr

NPR’s food blog,The Salt, recently posted this nice piece about The Bistro on the Hill, the restaurant at a Virginia hospital that prides itself on scratch-cooking with whole foods, including some grown right on the hospital grounds.

As the hospital’s website suggests, many of us have different images of the sort of food normally served to the ill, the recovering, and their families: “There was a time when the term ‘hospital food’ conjured images of cardboard pretending to be turkey covered up with some kind of green gravy. Well… that was then…”

Julie Rovner describes Fauquier Hospital’s alternative approach: “Even in early May, food service staff are harvesting fast-growing lettuce (including what they call “‘rocket arugula,” because it’s rocketed out of the ground,” says [nutrition director Zach] Erickson) that will be used in the coming hours in the cafeteria’s salad bar as well as in patient meals. There’s also the essential herbs, like oregano, dill, sage, and chives. The all-organic garden (even the wood trellises are untreated to prevent chemicals from leaching into the ground) is also home to ripening strawberries, tomatillos, spinach, and the lavender used for for aromatherapy.”

For the full piece, including a photo slideshow, as well as some links to other interesting, earlier NPR posts about hospital food, head over to The Salt.

By the way, lest you think they’ve turned into total food snobs in Virginia, never fear: The Bistro on the Hill’s “Grab N Go” area reportedly still carries Jell-O.


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