Support independent film (and get into IMDB!) with Food Chains

Michael Pollan, Ruth Reichl, and Marion Nestle all recently tweeted in support of a new film that’s in production. Called Food Chains, it focuses on farm laborers, the usually unseen faces behind the modern agricultural system. The project has reached its initial $27K goal on Kickstarter, the crowd-sourced solution for funding artistic endeavors, but the filmmakers are now shooting for additional resources to “go toward developing motion graphics like those in the teaser ($15,000), securing music rights ($10,000) and securing the use of archival newsreel and film footage ($5,000).” If you’ve been dying to get your name in IMDB, backing the film at $2,000 or more gets you (among other things) an Associate Producer credit! If you aren’t quite so flush with cash, contributions as little as $5 still get some cool stuff in return.

So, read this post at Civil Eats from director Sanjay Rawal, watch the fantastic trailer below, and then join me by heading to Kickstarter to make your own contribution. Don’t delay, though: there are less than two weeks left to pledge to the Kickstarter campaign.


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