Peggy’s Organic Pickled Beets

J and I were stocking up on beer, liquor, spelt pasta, and Amy’s frozen meals at Woodman’s yesterday when J spotted Peggy’s Organic Pickled Beets near the pasta.

Grown, harvested, and processed at the Linzmeier family farm in Pulaski, Wisconsin, the ingredients are just what you’d use at home: organic beets, water, organic sugar, organic vinegar, salt, and organic spices.

We had some at lunch today, and they were as tasty as any home-pickled beets, which means they were quite a treat for condo-dwelling non-gardeners like us! At $4.99 a pint, we’ll be buying them again soon.

For more info, check out this article by Cindy Weinfurter in Nature’s Pathways magazine about eating local in northeast Wisconsin.

And, visit the Linzmeier Market website, which reports that they also make salsa, pickles, dilly beans, and pasta sauce, all part of the “Something Special From Wisconsin” program that promotes products from the Badger State.



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