Farmer of the future

Last week, Harvest Public Media ran a series of stories that consider the future of farming, or more specifically, the farmer of the future. The stories, like almost everything from Harvest Public Media, are thoughtful, informative, and engaging. Check out the links below for the audio, text, and even photos.

  1. Blending of cultures may be blueprint for growth
  2. Take me to your fields: Robots on the farm
  3. The sustainable hand
  4. Who are you calling a corporate farmer?
  5. A plot in the middle

The series also includes a video documentary from Harvest Public Media reporter Clay Masters, “Hispanic Farmers on Broken Ground,” which you can watch online. It’s a fascinating look at modern agriculture through the lens of Hispanic farmers in Nebraska. The full documentary runs less than half an hour and is well worth the time. Check it out!

Photo by Jarrod Erbe (erbephoto) via Flickr.


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