Jazmin Rudin, master shrimp-spearer and chicken-griller

Photo by xurde (Jorge Díaz) via Flickr

I just read Felisa Rogers’ latest post at Salon (from back in April), and — as usual — it’s quite a nice piece. Rogers profiles Mexico native and Oregon resident Jazmin Rudin. Here’s just a brief excerpt to whet your appetite:

Jazmin starts by butterflying a chicken thigh with a deft stroke of her knife. When I admire her technique she says, “My mother always says: ‘I know how to cook chicken, but you are the chicken maestro.’” There’s too much delight and humor in Jazmin’s countenance for this revelation to sound boastful. Besides, as I watch her demonstration, I realize she’s just stating a truth. “Take the leg,” she says. “Find the thickest part and slice it open, like so. Don’t cut it all the way through. Leave a layer of flesh so that you can fold the meat back. When you fold it open, the bones and meat are on one side, and there’s pure meat on the other side. You want to cut it so both sides are of equal thickness.” She slams the chicken leg flat on her cutting board. “Chickens prepared this way absorb more sauce,” she says and gives me a challenging look. I’m not about to argue with someone who can kill living shrimp with a handmade spear.

Check out the full piece here, which includes a photo of Rudin and her mother as well as Rudin’s recipe for pollo asado.

As a closing bonus, here’s an entertaining quote from Rogers in response to some usual online comment-section antics: “Jazmin actually spent a lot of time complaining about the quality and suspicious origins of the meat available at U.S. supermarkets. I’d rather eat iguana, too.”


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